Geographic information system

Smart City

SMART CITY AND SMART BUSINESS (Inovation technology for your city or buisiness)

Smart City, Smart Business, Internet of Things, Open Data, Big Data are fast growing areas where we provide a wide range of services from consulting to custom-tailored solutions. We can integrate smart technologies into a single entity with implementation of modern web portal or a simple real-time visualization of data.

We mainly focus on the IoT solution where we offer:

  • An initial analysis of the current state
  • Recommendation of hardware sensors and devices, selection of appropriate transmission technology
  • Building a sensor network
  • The application interface
  • Real-time data visualization software or surveillance center
  • Smart Solutions, IoT

    Our new concept and platform designed primarily to centralize and visualize data gained through IoT.

    TKPSmart – sensors (IoT)
    TKPSmart – Visualization and interactive map applications
    TKPSmart – Communication and Mobile Applications