Capturing 3D reality & BIM

3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning is an entirely unique method for obtaining spatial information about objects. It is a contactless determination of spatial coordinates with extraordinary speed, accuracy, complexity and security. The result of laser scanning is a geometrically accurate documentation of the real state of the objects to the most detailed details which is almost perfect image of reality.

The primary output of laser scanning is point cloud which capture the 3D shape and location of the scanned objects. The following outputs can be obtained by further processing:

  • Orthoimages, vector drawing – 2D drawings, floor plans, cross sections and profiles for construction documentation.
  • Triangle Network, Digital Terrain Model – calculation of volumes and creation the cross sections and contour lines
  • 3D models of highly complex objects – such as statues, frotage of architectural monuments, utilities, etc.
  • Animation of the camera’s flight through a point cloud or a 3D model – representation videos