Geographic information system

GIS data

Technical Maps

The Digital Technical Map is a detailed digital map capturing the current terrain including heights and utilities.
TKP geo s.r.o. is currently administrating digitaltechnical map of 16 South Czech cities.

Creating of Building Documentation

Building Documentation is one of the basic requirement for its registration and effective administration. Our company offers you comprehensive services starting from the data collection in the field to their processing and implementation to your GIS, including their updating.

Territorial Analytical Data Aktualization

Municipal planning is using Territorial Analytical Data (ÚAP) to monitoring condition and development of territory. ÚAP content detection and evaluation of territory condition, values, limits of utilization, sustainable development of territory and solving problems determination.

Map backgrounds

Thanks to our partnerships with various data providers we are able to provide a variety of map services as a topographical maps, tourist maps, orthophotomaps, aerial images, etc.